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Title: Celebrating Montreal's Hungarians -The Hungarian Presence in Canada  •  Size: 11101
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Did the Revolution Have to Fail?

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Canadian Première of Freedom's Fury

"New Lives" Portrait Exhibition

A Monument to Thank Canada and Canadians

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A new documentary on the 1956 Revolution

International Academic Conference "The 1956 Revolution 50 Years Later – Canadian and International Perspectives"

Canada Commemorates 1956 with Gala Evening in Budapest

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Celebrating Montreal's Hungarians - A Reflection of our Community

Bridging the Divide - Canadian and Hungarian Stories of the 1956 Revolution In Hungary

Revolution Revisited

MP Andrew Telegdi and 'How the 56'ers changed Canada


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Celebrating Montreal's Hungarians -
A Reflection of our Community


The newly formed Montreal Hungarian Historical Society (MHHS) organized an exhibit entitled "Celebrating Montreal's Hungarians - A Reflection of our Community" at the Montreal City Hall, November 15 to November 24. For information on the project in Hungarian, please go to:


Audio of the Opening Speech given in French, English and Hungarian
by Christopher Adam, curator of the exhibition



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