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14th International Book Fair held in Budapest


Book festival poster

Canada was the guest of honour at the 14th  International Book Fair held in Budapest from April 12-15, 2007. The event, at the Budapest Congress Centre highlighted Canada’s culture, literature and Another poster publishing industry. The Canadian embassy had a special stand and there were some 800 Canadian books displayed by a number of Canadian publishers. Six Canadian authors: Elisabeth Blajer, Joseph Boyden, Kathy Clark, Sharon Pollock, Anna Porter, and Pablo Urbanyi  represented Canada at this prestigious event. Four of the authors are of Hungarian origin: Blajer, Clark, Porter, and Urbanyi. The works of two, Kathy Clark and Pablo Urbanyi are represented on this website and Anna Porter is an editorial advisor.


For a more detailed account of the Canadian events at the bookfair including the program, please see the Canadian embassy’s newsletter of April 11th 2007 here. The newsletter is in Hungarian but even those without a knowledge of Hungarian might glean some details from it. “Juhar levél” is the Hungarian for “maple leaf”.


The following is an article in Hungarian containing brief biographies of the Canadian-Hungarians:


Press Release of the Book Fair


Press Release 2007-04-05




Invitation to Pablo Urbanyi’s book launch at the fair


Isten állatkertje



Bookfair in Budapest

Kathy Clark, Anna Porter, Robert Hage, Elizabeth Blajer,
Pablo Urbanyi, Jean Hage and Joseph Boyden.


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