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George Faludy



Jacqueline D’Amboise remembers George Faludy

December 28th 2009




George Faludy



George Faludy Place - On October 3, 2006, the City of Toronto honoured George Faludy, one of Hungary's greatest poets and longtime resident of Toronto, at a ceremony to name a public space George Faludy Place. The space is located across from 25 St. Mary St. where Mr. Faludy lived for much of his 22 years of self-imposed exile from Hungary. Mr. Faludy was planning to return to Toronto for the ceremony but died in Budapest on September 1, at age 95.    Read more...


Two for Faludy - Edited by John Robert Colombo
Preamble - An Evening Honouring the Poetry of George Faludy” was held at the Toronto Reference Library the evening of September 21, 2005. This noteworthy event in the cultural life of the city was organized by Ibi Gábori and in attendance were a number of the city’s writers and artists and members of its Hungarian community. Read more...



Goodbye Faludy - Written by George Jonas and read at his funeral in Budapest in Sept 2006 (in Hungarian).


The phenomenal György Faludy
September 14, 2006 - Volume XIV, Issue 37 - Budapest Sun
"His persona was more than just radiant and glowing; it was magical," says Bob Schulz, film director and bosom buddy of the late György Faludy. For more of the article click here...


Happy Days Falling Stars
Click here to watch the last interview that George Faludy gave shortly before his death in September 2006. We thank Bob Schultz, Producer and Director of Happy Days Falling Stars for permission to use this interview (interview is in Hungarian).


Parkette to honour émigré poet — Hungary's Faludy lived in Toronto until fall of communism
Read more on the life of Faludy in the article in the Toronto Sun dated September 21, 2005, written by Judy Stoffman here...




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