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Title: Hungarian Movies at the World Film Festival, Montreal - The Hungarian Presence in Canada  •  Size: 12950
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Hungarian Movies at the World Film Festival, Montreal


August 14th, 2011


Magyar Filmunió (The Hungarian Film Union), Hungary’s film promotion office, has informed us that the 35th Montreal World Film Festival (18-28 August) will premiere two Hungarian feature films.

The Maiden Danced To Death / A halálba táncoltatott leány – INT’L PREMIERE
a film by Endre HULES
in First Films Competition
Photographed by Academy Award, ASC Award and BAFTA Award Winner Vilmos ZSIGMOND
Featuring the Honved Dance Ensemble


Maiden Danced to DeathSteve, a dancer-turned-dance-impresario returns to his native Hungary after a 20-year absence. The Communist regime that expelled him is gone, his former apparatchik father had retired in disgrace, but his younger brother, Gyula still works in the same run-down studio with the same cash-strapped dance company they both started out in - and he is married to Steve’s former sweetheart, Mari.

The two brothers decide to revive their last project together, a dance piece based on the old ballad, The Maiden Danced to Death. If Gyula makes it to Steve’s exacting standards, Steve can take it on a world tour, reviving the sagging careers of both.

But the ghosts of the past begin to haunt them when Steve decides to even some old scores. As The Maiden Danced to Death rumbles towards the inevitable showdown, dramatic scenes seamlessly slip into dance or music.

25 Aug 21h40 L14.25.7
26 Aug 13h10 L14.26.3
27 Aug 14h40 L14.27.3
28 Aug 18h40 L14.28.5

Adventure / Kaland – WORLD PREMIERE
a film by József SIPOS
in Focus on World Cinema
Based on Sándor MARAI's play of the same title
Starring Gerd Böckmann, Erika Marozsán, Sándor Csányi, Mari Tör?csik

AdventureProfessor Péter Kádár is successful in all respect. His career is on the top and he has a beautiful young wife- Anna. His perfect life however falls to pieces on the same day when he is appointed to the leadership of the most reputed clinic.The professor even doesn’t suspect while being celebrated his up to that time faithful colleague, his adopted son Doctor Zoltán prepares to elope with Anna.The promising adventure takes an unexpected run: the professor makes a heavy bargain which modifies the life of all three for good and all.

Love and death, faithfulness and betrayal, success and come-down in the shadow of the worldwide catastrophe in the year 1940 in Budapest.

23 Aug 21h20 L9.23.6
24 Aug 12h20 L9.24.2
25 Aug 16h40 L10.25.4
26 Aug 19h40 L10.26.5

For additional information, film stills etc. those interested may contact: PAPP Csaba Zoltán at
Magyar Filmunió / Public Relations,

For additional information on The Maiden Danced to Death see the website:

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