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Albert Kish

Albert KishThe New Hungarian Voice is a Vancouver quarterly newsletter with an ever-growing list of subscribers. The newsletter is available online as well as in hardcopy format at the main branch of the Vancouver Public Library and various Hungarian businesses and institutions. The NHV regularly includes information on local events as well as pertinent current events from Canada and Hungary. Useful reviews, editorials and information on worldwide events that relate to the community are listed. The NHV welcomes contributions to their project such as article submissions, information and personal points of view so that the NVH may become an interactive forum for all. The NHV also welcomes any information about upcoming events from all Hungarian associations in order to provide an up-to-date calendar in each issue. We would like to thank the NHV for allowing us to use some of their material on our website.




Read an interview with Albert Kish conducted by  Lorraine Weideman of the New Hungarian Voice. Kish is a Canadian Film Maker and photographer and form MFB Director who came to Canada in 1957. This interview appeared in the 2006 issue of the NHV. To read the interview click on the image.




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