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Torn from the Flag – documentary on 1956 at Montreal Film Festival



Torn from the FlagLaszlo Kovacs' last film, Torn from the Flag, the multi-award-winning documentary thriller -- also made in close collaboration with another Hollywood legend, Vilmos Zsigmond -- has been selected by the Montreal World Film Festival and will be playing at:


Quartier Latin Cinema
350 Emery Street
Theatre Room Number 14
Montreal, QC H2X 1J1
(514) 849-4422

AUGUST 30 - 10:10 am
AUGUST 30 - 7:20 pm
AUGUST 31 - 2:40 pm


Klaudia Kovacs and Laszlo Kovacs on location


Please come and vote for the film to receive an Audience Award and to meet Associate Producer George Adams at the screenings. Invite industry professionals, press and friends to join you and don't hesitate to forward this invitation.






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