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Title: Gabor Csepregi’s New Challenge: St Boniface - Hungarian Presence in Canada  •  Size: 13674
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Gabor Csepregi’s New Challenge: St Boniface



Gabor and Eva CsepregiThe Canada-Hungary Educational Foundation would like to congratulate its Vice-President, Dr Gabor Csepregi on his appointment as Vice-President (Teaching and Research) at the Collège Universitaire St Boniface. Gabor has made significant contributions to the development of the Dominican University College as an educational institution during his tenure there as President and Regent of Studies.


We at the Foundation will be very sorry to see him leave Ottawa but are happy for him and know that he will attack this new challenge with his usual vigour and demonstrate his belief in excellence – coupled with his love and concern for the well-being of students and colleagues.



Gabor Csepregi and his wife Eva Balàzs





With fellow Board members of the Canada-Hungary Educational Foundation at the office of the Hon Mauril Bélanger, MP. From left to right: Christopher Adam, Gabor, Judy Young-Drache, Liza Vastagh and H.E Pal Vastagh, outgoing Ambassador of Hungary to Canada, Catherine Bélanger with Mauril Bélanger


We are very pleased that he has agreed to remain a member of our Board of Directors and to continue supporting the goals of the Foundation: promoting the values of cultural diversity in Canada and contributing positively to Canada-Hungary relations.


Executive meeting

Board of directors of the Canada-Hungary Educational Foundation at the Board meeting of June 29th 2010: Judy Young-Drache, Mark Curfoot Mollington, Gabor, and Catherine Bélanger (missing: Christopher Adam).


The Collège Universitaire St Boniface has issued the following Press Release about the appointment.


For the French Press Release, click here.


Winnipeg, June 30, 2010: The Board of Governors of College universitaire de Saint-Boniface (CUSB) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Gabor Csepregi as Vice-President (Teaching and Research). Dr. Csepregi (pronounced TCHE-pre-gee), the current President and Regent of Studies of Ontario's Dominican University College, will take office in August. "I am delighted to have Dr. Csepregi join the CUSB family," affirmed President Raymonde Gagne. "Dr. Gabor Csepregi is passionate about the field of education and is pleased to take on new challenges in a larger organization. He will add a new dimension to the management team and therefore contribute to the advancement of CUSB. I extend our warmest welcome to him."


Dr. Csepregi has a Doctor of Philosophy from Laval University (1986); a Master of Arts (Philosophy) from Laval University (1981); a Master of Arts (Theology) from Laval University (1976) and a Bachelor of Arts (Theology) from Laval University (1973). Born in Hungary, Dr. Csepregi left the Eastern Bloc in 1968. His love of adventure and his thirst for knowledge eventually led him to Quebec City where he studied theology and philosophy for 16 years.


A former Olympic athlete, Dr. Csepregi worked for about ten years in sports before starting his university career. He participated in three Olympic Games, as captain of the Canadian water polo team in 1972 and 1976, and as coach of the Canadian team in 1984. Dr. Csepregi is a prolific author, having published scholarly articles in many areas, including musical aesthetics. More recently, he has written a book entitled "The Clever Body", which was published in 2006 by the University of Calgary Press. He is also the former editor-in-chief of the journal "Science et esprit". Dr. Csepregi fluently speaks and writes French, English and Hungarian. The Vice-President (Teaching and Research) is responsible for the administration of the CUSB graduate and undergraduate programs (university,college and continuing education), the continuous improvement of the qualityof teaching and the promotion of innovation and research.


His appointment by the Board of Governors, confirmed during its meeting on June 15, 2010, is part of an administrative reorganization undertaken by CUSB in order to assure its competitiveness among other post-secondary institutions in the country.


To request an interview with the new Vice-President, media are invited to contact Monique LaCoste, at 233-0210 ext. 510.


College universitaire de Saint-Boniface

200, De la Cathedrale Avenue

Winnipeg MB R2H 0H7

Telephone : (204) 233-0210

FAX : (204) 235-4480


The College universitaire de Saint-Boniface is Manitoba's French language university. It offers general and specialized university degree programs as well as professional and technical training. Deeply rooted in its community, the College contributes actively to the vitality and development of the Manitoban, Canadian and international francophonie through teaching, research and outreach activities. In an intimate setting, the College provides a diverse and inclusive intercultural environment which promotes lifelong personal and professional growth.


Source: Monique LaCoste, Communications Coordinator




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