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Hungarian Studies Association of Canada conference May 28-30th 2011 in Fredericton


May 4th 2011


This year’s conference of the Hungarian Studies Association of Canada (HSAC) is taking place on May 28-30th in Fredericton, New Brunswick as part of the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences held under the aegis of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences. The hosts are the universities of New Brunswick and St Thomas University. HSAC’s conference program is varied, covering a range of themes and disciplinary approaches: 17th and 20th century historical topics about Hungary, Canadian Hungarians, women’s studies, language teaching, philosophy, literature, music and relations between Canada and Hungary. A keynote address is being given by historian and Jean Monnet professor of European Studies, Maria Palasik about her forthcoming book “Chess Game for Democracy: Hungary Between East and West, 1944-47” to be published by McGill Queen’s University Press in time for the conference.

The conference starts off with a special two-part Liszt bicentenary event on the evening of May 28th at 7 pm in Memorial Hall on the campus of the University of New Brunswick. At 7 pm Professor Alan Walker (FRSC) Emeritus professor of music (McMaster University) and world renowned Liszt scholar, is giving a lecture “Franz Liszt as the Cultural Ambassador of the 19th Century.” This is to be followed at 8pm by a recital by award winning Canadian pianist, Valerie Tryon with the theme of “Liszt the Voyager.” This event, co-sponsored by HSAC and the Canada-Hungary Educational Foundation is open to all Congress delegates and the general public from the Fredericton area. The sponsoring organizations are grateful to the Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences and the host universities for their assistance in bringing this event (one of many taking place around the world in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Franz Liszt) to Congress. You can look at the conference program HERE

See this page of our website for a special background article on Professor Walker and the Liszt bicentenary.

For more information on the Program of the Congress of Humanities and Social Sciences, visit their website:








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