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Who's Who

Picture 20

Gabor Csepregi

President/ Recteur, Université de Saint-Boniface, Manitoba. Scholar, former coach and member of the Canadian Olympic water polo team

  Picture 24

Leslie L. Dan

founder of Novopharm Ltd. and Viventia Biotech Inc.

Picture 23

Nandor Dreisziger

Struggle and Hope
The Hungarian-Canadian Experience

  Picture 5

George Faludy
( 1910-2006)

poet, writer, translator

Picture 22

Ivan P. Fellegi

Chief Statistician of Canada 1985-2008

  picture 1

Joseph Halmy

Sitting Female Figure

Oil on canvas
120 cm by 120 cm

Picture 18

Dora de Pedery-Hunt

sculptor, designer, lecturer

  picture 3

George Jonas

Beethoven's Mask: Notes on My Life and Times

Picture 7

Robert Lantos

Film Producer, President of Serendipity Point Films

  Picture 11

Attila Richard Lukacs

Adam & Steve

oil and enamel on canvas
91 x 124 inches


John Miska (ed.)
Blessed Harbours

an anthology of Hungarian-Canadian Authors.

  picture 2

Alanis Morissette

singer, songwriter, record producer

Picture 9

Peter Munk

businessman and philantropist

  Picture 17

Anna Porter

publisher, writer, journalist

Picture 6

Dr Hans Selye
“father of stress theory”, Nobel nominee

  Picture 8

Elvis Stojko

figure skating champion

Picture 10

Poster for the movie Sunshine, directed by István Szabó and produced by Robert Lantos

  Picture 19

Emöke Szathmáry

Anthropologist, geneticist; President and Vice Chancellor of the University of Manitoba 1996-2008

Picture 21

Gabor Szilasi

Governor General Award winning photographer

  Picture 4

Stephen Vizinczey

author "In Praise of Older Women” published in 1965

picture 1

Eva Wiseman

children’s author “A Place Not Home” published in 1996




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