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Title: Coaching award for Tamas Buday - Hungarian Presence in Canada  •  Size: 8697
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Coaching award for Tamas Buday


November 19th 2011


On Novemeber 11th 2011 Canoe-Kayak coach Tamas Buday Sr was honoured (among other top Canadian coaches) by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) with the Petro Canada Coaching Excellence Award.



Tamas Buday being honoured

Gabor Csepregi, Chair, Coaching Association of Canada (and VP Canada-Hungary Educational Foundation); Bal Gosal, Minister of State (Sport); Tamas Buday Sr. winner of the award; son of Mr Buday; Steve Keith, Petro Canada; John Bales, CEO, Coaching Association of Canada.


Buday, who coaches Canadian canoers Laurence Vincent-Lapointe and Mallorie Nicholson in Mississauga, won two medals for Hungary at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. He has been living and coaching in Canada since 1987. His two sons, also sprint canoers, have competed for Canada in three summer Olympics.


For detailed information see the website of the Coaching Association of Canada.




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