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Title: Canada’s Emily Csikos helps Canadian team to beat Hungary  •  Size: 8388
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Canada’s Emily Csikos helps Canadian team to beat Hungary


January 18 2012


Kevin Burns


The story of water polo in Canada is one with remarkable Hungarian/Canadian depths. Since the late 1950s, Canada’s teams have been strengthened by highly accomplished athletes and coaches with connections to Hungary: Jeno Ats, Joelle Békházi, Gábor Csepregi, Zoltán Csepregi, Emily Csikos, John Csikos, Rezso Gallov, George Gross, Alex Juhasz, , Dezso Lemhényi, Ivan Somlai, Eddy Szakács, Andy Szendrovitz, Gyula Toth, Laszlo Toth, to name only a few.


So whenever and wherever Canada plays Hungary in a water polo tournament there’s always intensely fierce competition. Canada’s current women’s team has been playing particularly well. In the recent Canada Cup women's water polo tournament, Canada’s Emily Csikos scored five goals to ensure a Canadian victory over Hungary. Click HERE for details and a photograph.




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