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Title: Programs for Canadians at Corvinus University, Budapest - The Hungarian Presence in Canada  •  Size: 11520
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Programs for Canadians at Corvinus University, Budapest


January 2, 2011



Corvinus University Budapest is once again offering a number of programs of interest to Canadian (and international) students as well as professors. Corvinus U (formerly the Budapest University of Economics and Technology) is one of Europe’s top economics universities and has an increasing number of courses in English for international students. Those interested may also be eligible for scholarships from the Hungarian government.


1. MA in International Economy and Business.

This two-year MA program is offered in English The aim of the program is to provide graduates with a thorough understanding of the processes of international economy, ranging from the fields of international business and economics to international politics and international law. The core content of the program reflects the increasing globalization and continuous evolution of international economics and business management. Besides a sound methodological foundation in statistics and micro- and macroeconomic theory, the program addresses the main aspects of the global economy: trade, finance, factoring and information flows, multinational corporations, corporate strategies, international organizations, development, regionalism and integration, intellectual property, etc.
Deadline for applications to this program is 28 April 2011. For detailed information and application process, see the university’s prospectus.

2. MA in Public Policy and Management.


The aim of this programme is to train graduates who can apply their practical and theoretical knowledge in economics, social sciences, management, and law to solve and analyze issues in public policy and state administration. For detailed information on this program, please consult the university’s prospectus.

3. International Masters in Economy, State and Society, (IMESS).

This is a double degree programme, at the end of which students obtain a degree from UC London, UK and from Corvinus University. They will spend one year in London and one year in Budapest. Students will also learn the Hungarian language. For more information on this possibility, consult the university’s prospectus on this program.

For Hungarian state scholarship possibilities for Canadian citizens, consult:

4. Post-doctoral research fellowships

Corvinus U offers opportunities for post-doctoral research under the IMESS program described above. Interested researchers or professors may apply for such (min 2 weeks – max 2 months) research fellowships. See letter of invitation here and application form here.


For clarification and further information on any of these programs please write to the Manager of MA programs in Economics at Corvinus University, Ms Gyongyi Valasek at



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