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Becoming Canadian. A Celebration of Refugee and Immigrant Experiences in Canada


A Competition for High School and Post-Secondary Students


During the second half of the twentieth century, successive waves of immigrants and refugees from all over the world transformed our cities and communities, creating one of the most multicultural countries in the world. The arrival of nearly 40,000 Hungarian refugees to Canada following the 1956 Revolution in Hungary played an important role in changing Canadian immigration and refugee policy.


The Canada Hungary Educational Foundation (CHEF) invites high school and post-secondary students to explore Canada’s multicultural heritage within the context of a competition. Submissions should examine aspects of the refugee or immigrant experience in Canada from a personal perspective. A range of topics concerning the multicultural experience might be treated, including issues of identity and balancing multiple identities, heritage and language maintenance, immigration stories and how multiculturalism presents itself in your own community. The competition invites you to look at these issues through an essay, a piece of short fiction or a short video.





Contestants must be under 25 years of age and registered full-time at a Canadian secondary school or post-secondary program (at the undergraduate level).



Contest Rules:


All submissions must be original works, produced by the applicant and not currently being considered for another competition, or for publication elsewhere.


Submissions may be in English, French or Hungarian.


Written works must be no longer than 2,500 words in length.


Video submissions must be no longer than 15 minutes in length.



How to Submit:


Each entry must be accompanied by an entry form. The entry form is posted and can be downloaded.


Printed copies of the written submissions as well as digital versions of videos on CD or DVD must be mailed together with the entry form to the following address: P.O Box 74083, 5 Beechwood Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, K1M 2H9- and be postmarked before the deadline.



Deadline for submissions:


October 31, 2008





There will be two categories of prizes: secondary and post-secondary. In each category the following awards will be made:


1st place: $1000.00
2nd place: $500.00
3rd place: $250.00


Winners and runners up may also receive gifts of books


In addition, the Hungarian Embassy will award a special prize for deserving entries depicting Hungarian immigrant experiences.





An appropriate jury will be constituted based on the entries received. Works will be judged in 2 categories: high school and post secondary


Each entry will be reviewed by jury members who will select a shortlist. The winners will be chosen from the shortlist.


Members of the jury will include a representative of CHEF





The winners will be announced on the website in January, 2009.


The winning entries and those on the shortlist may be published on the website. CHEF may also reserve the right to publish other entries if, in the view of the web editorial board, they make a contribution to the objectives of the site.

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