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Study and scholarship opportunities in Hungary 2011-12


April 5th, 2011


There are various study and research opportunities in Hungary in the coming academic year 2011-12. Some, such as the Balassi Institutes’ Hungarian Language and Culture courses , are already described elsewhere on our Youth and Education page but here are some additional ones. For quite a number of these it is possible to apply for Hungarian government scholarships.

1. The Hungarian Scholarship Board (Magyar Ösztöndij Bizottság)
is the primary source of scholarships for Canadians for a variety of study possibilities in Hungary. Their Call for grant applications for different post-secondary, post-graduate and summer language courses can be found

Here in English
Here in Hungarian
Eligible summer course list (in Hungarian only)

Information on these and other scholarships can be found on their website in English here

and in Hungarian here.

NOTE to potential applicants: the DEADLINE for applications is April 15th. The process involves both electronic registration and application and hard copy the Latter can be postmarked by April 15th. English instructions to the online registration system is here.

For more information write to Agnes Erény, program coordinator at

2. Debrecen University Summer school (not only in summer and not only in Debrecen)

The University of Debrecen’s summer school for Hungarian language has been in existence for many years but recently the University has broadened its offerings to include a variety of interesting courses – some of them given in English – about Hungary and Hungarian history, literature and culture. Among the many English language courses are those about Modern Hungary, Hungarian Music, Hungarian Theatre, National Parks, famous footballer Puskas, Dictators, Revolutionaries and Democrats. In addition, many of the language courses are now available in Budapest.

The main website with information on all courses and application procedures can be found here (in Hungarian) and here (in English).
In addition, you can download the general background about the School from HERE.

Scholarships are available for some of the summer language courses from the Hungarian Scholarship Board (see section 1 above) and a few special scholarships are also available from the Debrecen School itself. Information about this is on the main website. For most courses the Application Deadline is May 15th.

For further information you can write to Prof Peter Szaffko, Director, Debrecen Summer School,




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