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Title: Hungarian State Scholarships for Foreign Students 2010-11 - Hungarian Presence in Canada  •  Size: 13923
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Hungarian State Scholarships for Foreign Students 2010-11



Once again the Balassi Institute is offering Hungarian State scholarship to foreign students, including Canadians. There are two programs under which Canadian students, researchers, musicians, artists can apply. The first one is administered by the Hungarian Scholarship Office (MOB) and detailed information about it is in section 1 below.

In section 2 you can find information about the 10 month Hungarian Language and Culture Program (Magyar Nyelv es Magyarságismereti Képzés) offered to Canadians of Hungarian origin who wish to learn Hungarian or improve their knowledge of the Hungarian language and learn about Hungarian history, culture at the same time. Please note that the application deadline for this program is March 25th and applications should be forwarded with all necessary documentation to the Canada-Hungary Education Foundation by that date.


Section 1.


The Hungarian Scholarship Board is offering (through the Balassi Institute) scholarships for the academic year 2010-11 to foreign students and researchers interested in studying in Hungary. Canadian undergraduate, graduate and postgraduates are eligible to apply for short term study (one semester), or full graduate programs as well as research projects and summer courses at specific institutions. For detailed information see the call for applications HERE in English, and HERE in Hungarian.

Deadline for receiving applications in Hungary is April 15th 2010

The application form can be found HERE.

Applicants should note that all applications must be made electronically as well as by mail. See the Director’s letter about this process HERE and see also for further information. The online application process is not yet available on the site but will be soon so keep going back to it.

For any other clarification you may also write to Judy Young Drache in Canada at:

Or to the Program Administrator in Hungary: Agnes Ereny:

Section 2.


Here is the up-to-date information for applicants on the Balassi Institute’s Hungarian Language and Cultural Studies Program for 2010-11. Eligible applicants are Canadian citizens of Hungarian origin and between the ages of 18-35. The call for application is provided below in both English and Hungarian. The application form is also provided in both languages. If your knowledge of Hungarian is good enough you are requested to fill in the application form in Hungarian. Both the application form and the call for applications provide a list of documents that need to be attached to the application.

The deadline for receipt of the application is March 25th 2010 at our Ottawa office, address below. For any questions, please send an e-mail to or call 613 567-5756.

Call for applications 2010-11 –English

Call for applications –Hungarian

Application form –English

Application form –Hungarian


The academic year 2009-10 was the first one in which the Canada-Hungary Educational Foundation promoted and administered in Canada the Balassi Hungarian Language and Culture scholarship applications. We were pleased with the interest and response and were happy that seven applicants were accepted by the Balassi Institute into this program and are studying in Hungary this year. In addition, one Canadian graduate student is doing a music program, having received a MOB scholarship. We hope to bring you their stories once their year is completed; we hear that at least one of the seven is enjoying the program so much that she is considering taking a graduate program in Hungary next year.
In the meantime, here are two reports from past graduates of the program, both from 2007-8: Fanni Barocsi Ottawa and Sharon Toldy Edmonton.

Judy Young Drache
Canada-Hungary Educational Foundation
Fondation educative Canada-Hongrie
21 McLeod St,
Ottawa, ON, K2P 0Z4
Tel: 613 567-5756
Fax: 613 234-1959



For the itinerary in Hungarian please click here.

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